Suppliers and Contractors

We have a strong commitment to ‘buy Australian’ and build sustainable, long-term working relationships and community partnerships that enable the development of lasting social, environmental and economic benefits.

Information for suppliers and contractors

CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd (CPM) is committed to conducting fair and equitable procurement processes with contractors and suppliers.

General enquiries

To enquire in regard to potential opportunities to supply goods and/or services to the Sino Iron project, please email your company’s capability statement and corporate information to our Supply Department via

Prior to supply or commencement of work

We require all suppliers and contractors to be issued with a valid Purchase Order (PO) prior to the commencement of any services/works or supply of any goods. Goods, services and/or works supplied prior to the receipt of a valid PO, or in excess of the value indicated on a PO, will be at the supplier's own risk.

POs not issued under agreed Terms and Conditions of a contract with a supplier will be subject to our CITIC Pacific Mining Purchase Order - Terms and Conditions.

Freight Preparation and Packaging Specification Standard

Our Freight Preparation and Packaging Specifications apply to all freight delivered to and/or transported across all CPM operations and sites; this covers all transportation methods, including contractors, third parties, company vehicles and company sub-contracted vehicles. Please refer to the CITIC Pacific Mining Freight Preparation and Packaging Specification Standard.

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Enquiries can be directed to

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