Magnetite ore is extracted using traditional open pit mining techniques – we drill and blast, then use our excavators and haul trucks to cart the ore to our four in-pit crushers. The open pit mine itself is currently over 3km2 in area and will expand during the life of the mine to more than triple this size.

The crushers reduce the ore to roughly the size of a house brick so it can be transported by conveyors to the processing plant, also known as the concentrator area.

Facts & Figures

  • Sino Iron has some of the world's largest excavators and haul trucks:
    • The largest haul truck weighs approximately 270 tonnes, has a 3,750 horsepower engine and can haul up to 360 tonnes at a time. 
    • The largest excavator weighs close to 1,000 tonnes, with loading capacity of 4,500 tonnes of ore per hour. 
  • Four in-pit crushers from Germany with design capacity to crush 4,250 tonnes of ore per hour per unit. 
  • The conveyor carrying crushed ore from the mine to the concentrator area is about 1.7km long. 



Project Milestones