Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and community are of paramount importance to CITIC and Sino Iron. A safe working environment underpins the viability of our project.


Being SinoSAFE means striving to take health and safety to the next level. We do this on a daily basis, through a focus on strong leadership, encouraging safe behaviours and a comprehensive risk management approach.

We believe HSE performance is more than compliance – it's about continual improvement and positive cultural change.


Our Vision and Mission

We’re committed to mining, processing, loading and shipping product to our customers safely and efficiently. By taking health and safety to the next level, we aim to create an injury and illness-free workplace, where everyone returns home from their swing in full health every time.

Through SinoSAFE, we actively promote our health and safety values and expected behaviours across the project. These are supported by a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System and a commitment to strong leadership, consultation, skilled supervision, competent and informed employees, planning and ongoing training.

SinoSAFE is applicable both today and into the future.

Our Values

We take care of our health and safety by:

  • Identifying, assessing and managing risk.
  • Looking out for each other and encouraging learning, sharing and improvement by taking a proactive approach.
  • Refusing to turn a blind eye to unsafe practices and conditions.
  • Reporting all injuries, hazards and incidents.
  • Keeping the lines of communication open.

Achievements and Awards