People and careers

Our operations provide career opportunities on a global scale. Being an employee at CITIC Pacific Mining (CPM) will enable you to take advantage of the multiple divisions of the group. CITIC Group, a majority shareholder of CPM, has more than 30,000 employees worldwide and is always looking for talented and exceptional people.    

Within CPM, everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, progress in the business and be recognised and rewarded for their contribution. We encourage our people to take the opportunities that are provided to reach their full potential - so they can achieve the best results for themselves, each other, and for CPM.

We have high standards of behaviour and performance, and everyone knows what is expected of them. We look for motivated team players who want to make a positive contribution and make a difference.

At CPM you can count on...

  • Work environments where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and free from harassment and discrimination;
  • Remuneration packages that are market competitive and incentives that recognise outstanding performance;        
  • A wide range of training and development opportunities that are customised to your specific training needs;
  • Access to a global network of highly qualified professionals for exchanging knowledge and ideas, building skills and sharing experiences; and
  • Leaders who will motivate, inspire and challenge you to reach your full potential.   

We use a management process to review performance, assess potential and identify opportunities for development and advancement. We offer a broad range of opportunities and encourage you to join us and make a difference.

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