Port & Marine

CITIC Pacific Mining’s port is the first greenfield port to be built in the Pilbara in 40 years. The breakwater extends 2.6km offshore from the tip of Cape Preston and will be the hub of the magnetite export operations.

Magnetite concentrate is transported from stockpiles by conveyers and then loaded onto large barges. The barges are towed offshore to transhippers, which then transfer the concentrate to CITIC Limited’s specially-built 115 000 tonne capacity bulk carriers, before starting their journey to special steel mills in China.

Quick facts

  • The total length of the breakwater is 2.6km
  • Constructed using 10,500 Core-Loc units designed to be able to absorb the wave energy generated by a one in 100-year cyclone event
  • Barges 120 metres long by 28 metres wide. Capacity 15,000 dead weight tonnes
  • Tugs push/ pull the barges out to sea
  • A transhipper will be used in the long term to transfer concentrate on bulk carriers
  • Bulk carriers with a capacity of 110,000 DWT specially made by CITIC Pacific to support the Sino Iron project

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