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Chang Zhenming

Message from Mr Chang Zhenming Chairman of CITIC Limited

Mr Chang Zhenming

We are excited to be delivering a world class magnetite iron ore development which will significantly benefit the Australian economy, and the Western Australian community. The Sino Iron project is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation under construction in Australia. It also represents one of the largest investments in the Australian resources sector by a Chinese State owned enterprise.

The project is CITIC Limited’s first major investment in Australia, and will secure a long-term, stable source of quality feedstock for our steel mills. The project embodies the synergy of a strong Chinese-Australian partnership. Chinese capital and technology is being combined with Australia’s expertise, labour and resources to deliver a project that will produce significant economic and social benefits for both countries for decades to come.

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Zhang Jijing

Message from Mr Zhang Jijing Executive Director of CITIC Limited, Chairman of CITIC Mining International. 

Mr Zhang Jijing

The Sino Iron project is an exciting, unique and significant project. We have made a substantial investment in downstream processing in order to unlock the value of this magnetite resource. The project involves some of the largest mining equipment and infrastructure in the world. It requires the application of sophisticated knowledge, extensive experience and strong technical support.

The Sino Iron project is an important development in Australia’s mining industry. Large-scale mining and processing of magnetite is a new industry for Australia and this sets an example for future magnetite projects.

The journey to build this ambitious project has so far been an amazing one. I look forward to sharing with you the sense of fulfilment and achievement once it is completed and we have reached our final goal.

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